Danièle Romer is a multi-talented actress, who is unique in that she combines both acting and business skills, universal cultural appeal, and a deep spiritual nature.  
Danièle 's acting reels include her outstanding nostalgic tribute to her beloved grandmother and her cat Alex .
Danièle is multi-lingual - she speaks 5 languages - multi-cultural (American with a background that combines French, Dutch, Scottish and Indonesian bloodlines) with both Eastern and Western spiritual training. 
Danièle excels in comedy and drama, with a particular strength in portraying boomers and seniors, which also is the primary focus of her emerging Film Fund, with its goal of bringing to the screen uplifting themes that touch people's hearts and souls.  
Her background as an entrepreneur and marketing person in multi-national companies and at the Cannes Film Festival, combined with her natural acting talent, make her a unique and valuable addition to any media project.

Danièle Romer