Danièle Romer


Danièle Romer was born in The Hague, Holland to a multicultural family: a Scottish/Dutch grandmother, Indonesian/German grandfather, and a French mother. Her Stepfather was involved in Economic Diplomacy. Danièle was raised in several European cities, including Strasbourg, France (Council of Europe) and Brussels, Belgium (EU).

She attended the exceptional European School in Brussels: courses were taught based on newly developed philosophies stemming from the formation of the European Economic Community.

Danièle was an accomplished student finishing with fluency and first prizes in languages (French, German, English, Dutch, and Italian), in Economics and Political Sciences, and certificates in sports and gymnastics. She loved horseback riding.

After graduation, her parents encouraged her to live in Switzerland and become an interpreter for the United Nations. However, she decided to attend the Marie Haps Business School in Brussels and work part time as a model. The School’s Chairman of the Board  owned a 150 employee company in Belgium and was Chairman of the overseas branch of a Fortune 500 Company, Becton Dickinson, in France. He recognized her entrepreneurial abilities and offered her an executive position in their overseas branch. After a few months, she was promoted to Head of the Export Department, and managed a staff of six tri-lingual secretaries. The firm did business in many markets, including Europe, Africa, parts of the Middle East and the Mediterranean coastal countries.

She left the company to pursue extensive travel and a multi-faceted fashion career, working with major international designers, being involved in the creation of various collections in Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and promoting them at French and international fashion exhibitions and modeling throughout Europe.

Danièle partnered in a travel company, "Welcome Travel Team", with offices in Germany, Cannes, France and Monte Carlo. With a staff of 23 hostesses and executives, the firm specialized in designing and arranging incentive trips for international firms such as IBM, Rank Xerox, State Farm Insurance, Siemens, Volkswagen, and more.

Concurrently with running the travel company, Danièle spent time working with firms in the Entertainment industry handling PR chores at the Cannes Film Festival, promoting the German film industry with Export Union, Paris, and later did PR for US distribution companies with The Michael Dalling Co in L.A.  She also promoted Italian musical groups at MIFED and screened educational films for children for a Middle Eastern group at MIP TV.

Her company's success afforded her the time to explore acting while remaining on the Board of Directors. She began studying acting at the Victorine Studios in Nice (to the great pleasure of her grandmother who had been a "Lady of the Theatre" for 25 years for The Royal Theatre in The Netherlands, and had toured all over Indonesia). The Victorine Studios had a program based on the New York's Actor's Studio and Danièle worked in films, commercials and plays with the "Cercle Moliere”theatre in Nice. The Victorine Studios handled production assignments from Europe's blue chip advertisers, and Danièle was the face on the posters for Mercedes, Orangina, Cherry Rocher, Emesse, and more.

Because of her close association with the Victorine Studios, acting became Danièle's passion. She sold her business interests and left for New York to study with Bob Modica, in his studio at Carnegie Hall. She became a SAG-AFTRA member, but returned to live in Paris, where she studied jazz dancing with Amadeo, choreographer of "Hair" in Europe and in Japan.

Danièle later returned to the States and moved to Los Angeles. Because of her multi-lingual abilities and vast contacts, Danièle was a sought-after free-lancer and agreed to become the "Public Relations Liaison for Women in Film International". In this position, she hosted such events as the Crystal Awards, the W.I.F Festival, the annual Hollywood Reporter and W.I.F party at the Film Festival in Cannes with Tichi Wilkerson Kassel, and receptions with the various Consulates.

In recent years, Danièle has focused her energies on developing business relationships with international investment bankers and film producers with the vision of creating an International Film Fund, which is now near fruition. Danièle is presently identifying filmmakers and projects that meet the broad criteria established by the Film Fund consortium. 

The mission statement is to develop and finance intriguing storylines that deal with global cultural issues, conflicts, and the human experience. It is through the lives of the characters, within the circumstances and the challenges that they face, that these stories can make a difference. Danièle seeks out filmmakers with a similar vision who wish to make films that have universal appeal, with uplifting values that touch people's hearts. Such film projects will support hope and empowerment, as we all have in us the strength and ability to become better and more aware human beings.


Talent tribute written by: Jerome F. Neidich, Ph.D.